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Business bestsellers of 2010

-By Swetha Amit

1. Global Crisis, Recession and Uneven Recovery
Author: YV Reddy
Publisher: Orient Blackswan
Price: Rs595
Classification: Non-fiction
A sequel to the author’s earlier book titled 'India and the Global Financial Crisis’; this book provides lucid understanding of the economic crisis and speaks about the uneven recovery across the globe. Written in a technical yet simple style, it provides an indepth analysis about and perspective into the recession. It describes the lessons to be learnt in order to avoid such setbacks in the future and concludes with a chapter focusing on India’s performance during the crisis and prospects in the future. Targeting a readership of corporate professionals mainly, it will enable them to look back, learn from mistakes and look forward to better times ahead.

2. Fault Lines
Author: Raghuram G Rajan
Publisher: Collins Business
Price: Rs499
Classification: Non-fiction
The proud winner of the Goldman Sachs best business book award, Fault Lines describes the fractures that are still threatening the economy. The author looks deep into the causes of the meltdown and cites faulty choices made by greedy bankers, the government and ordinary homemakers that lead to the crisis. He speaks about the need to adopt corrective measures to rectify the fault lines. The author's lucid style of writing makes for easy reading. He concludes with a passage on the promising future of the Indian economy. This is a book which will find a wide readership in the corporate world.

3. Reaching for the Skies
Author: Richard Branson
Publisher: Virgin Books
Price: Rs599
Classification: Non-fiction
'Sky is the limit' is the essence of this book. The author dedicates his book to all those who have mastered the airspace. The book takes the readers on an unforgettable flight of inspirational stories of people, their adventures and survival. It also dwells on new ideas and inventions. The language is technical in certain instances but overall imbued with the simplicity of real-life experiences. It is a heart-warming read which will especially appeal to those who have had some tryst with the skies; it will win over inventors; while visionaries and dreamers will find it an interesting book.

4. Simply Fly
Author: Captain GR Gopinath
Publisher: Collins Business
Price: Rs499
Classification: Non-fiction
This is a riveting story of a young boy who has come a long way from riding bullock carts to flying high. It is the story of the birth of the first low-cost airline. The various incidents that make up the story of the airline that enabled the common man to fly are narrated with great poise, and the book provides a glimpse of the author’s personality, his persevering nature and his voyage from poverty to prosperity. Written in a down-to-earth style, it is a must-read for every Indian, who is bound to find it motivating and awe-inspiring.

5. Tata - The Evolution of a Corporate Brand
Author: Morgen Witzel
Publisher: Penguin Books India
Price: Rs599
Classification: Non-fiction
The book is a well-documented history of the Tatas as a brand. It describes in detail the birth of the brand and how it has evolved over the years. The author traces the brand from its origin, through the image-building processes that followed, to its brand equity now. He dwells deep into the makings of what is one of the most popular brands today, one which is based on values. Through his placid, unhurried style of writing, Witzel manages to provide the reader with a clear perspective of the group and the family from which it derives its name. It is bound to appeal to those interested in the birth, growth and evolution of one of the most respected organisations in India.

6. Ambani & Sons
Author: Hamish McDonald
Publisher: Lotus Roli
Price: Rs395
Classification: Non-fiction
The book is about the scintillating rag-to-riches story of the Ambani family. It not only dwells on the development of what is one of India’s largest corporations today; but highlights the struggle, corruption, politics and powerplay that are part and parcel of the interaction between government and business houses. It also describes the expansion phase of this business house and the infamous split between the heirs. The author, in his exemplary style, has brought out the dynamics of entrepreneurship in modern India. It tells the revolutionary story of what is one of the biggest empires today. A compelling read which will find a wide readership.

7. When the Penny Drops
Author: R Gopalakrishnan
Publisher: Penguin Books India
Price: Rs399
Classification: Non-fiction
Using his valuable experiences as lessons, accompanied by examples from mythology, the author of ‘The Case of the Bonsai Manager’ comes up with an inspirational source of learning. Far from being just another management book, this one provides memorable lessons which will rouse the cerebral cells within you. It enables one to analyse and retrospect about one's doings. It’s a book that will enable us to learn from our mistakes and give us a code of conduct. Citing appropriate examples at regular intervals, the author makes it a motivational read which will appeal to all those open to learning and growing as individuals.

8. You can Sell
Author: Shiv Khera
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Price: Rs195
Classification: Non-fiction
The author of ‘You can Win’ comes up with yet another inspirational read. This book teaches you how to sell by delving into the dynamics of what does not sell and the attitude, personality and psychology required for successful selling. It stresses upon the importance of gaining an understanding of consumer needs, positive communication and the ethics required to become a successful sales person. Written in a simple uncomplicated style, the book opens up a new view into selling, especially for sales professionals, with the many examples cited. A read which will appeal to various segments of the population, one can consider this a veritable sales bible.

9. Connect the Dots
Author: Rashmi Bansal
Publisher: Eklavya Education Foundation
Price: Rs150
Classification: Non-fiction
Driven by ambition and desire, this is a story of 20 individuals who dared to dream about becoming entrepreneurs without aquiring a traditional MBA degree, thought to be a must-have qualification for an entrepreneur. Idealism and the desire to prove themselves propelled the 20 to chase their aspirations. The book portrays the complex difficulties faced by each person and how they overcame the obstacles in their path. With interesting headings for every chapter, the author writes earnestly on how to become a successful entrepreneur. There is no quest without attendant frustration, as the author tells us. The book ends on a positive note, emphasising the triumph that is to be achieved by following your heart and making things happen.

10. The Professional
Author: Subroto Bagchi
Publisher: Penguin Books India
Price: Rs399
Classification: Non-fiction
This is a heart-warming book with inputs on how to become a successful professional; the author provides relevant questions to ask oneself to get a clear perspective about one's ambitions. It emphasises on factors like integrity, self-awareness, appropriate qualities for a professional and the ability to manage the complexities and challenges that are bound to come in the way of attaining success. Subroto Bagchi puts his knowledge, based on lifelong experience, to good use when he talks about how to make the right choices. Not a light read, with an intense feel to the language, the book will gain a wide readership among those who have ambitions of being successful in their career.

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