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'What’s your Raashee': Goes over the moon

Ever seen a movie which makes you feel that an option of having curled up in a couch with a mindless book at home would have been better treat? It does not require an astrologer to predict that or what the box office verdict of this film would be. Neither does it take the audience to make a quick decision about the movie so much that it propels them to walk out of the theatre with an air of impatience. This is probably a faster decision than that of the protagonist’s in the film who encounters 12 damsels to find his better half. An ordeal which tortures the people for 3 and a half hours making them wish that they had the ability to having foreseen this fateful evening.

Yogesh Patel (Harman Baweja) an eligible bachelor just has ten days to tie the knot in order to save his family from a financial crisis. Rather bewildered at this sudden prospect, Yogesh finally relents to meeting one girl from each Zodiac sign to decide upon his life partner. Enter the twelve women (Priyanka Chopra in multiple roles) in various get ups and accents. Each encounter is filled with hilarious moments, deep conversations and eccentricity. Yet being a Bollywood flick it couldn’t escape the flavour of a song with most Zodiac signs which adds up to a weary 12. If only the musical trip was cut down on, the film could have actually been an enjoyable watch with its interesting and light moments.

Some of the scenes evoke a roar of laughter and light tremors of chuckles. The one with the Aries girl having proclaimed her favourite actor to be Tom. An enthusiastic Yogesh immediately responds with a “Tom Cruise?” only to be met a satirical “Tom and Jerry” followed by giggles similar to that of a school girl having a laugh over a prank she played on her grumpy school teacher. The meeting with the Libran girl reminds one of a Meryl Streep in ‘The Devil wears Prada’ with her no nonsense approach of being a heavy task master. Her ‘professionalism’ evokes exhaustion on Yogesh’s face which is probably a reflection on what the audience face towards the end of the film. The scene with the Sagittarian woman where he utters ‘Jesus man’ only to replace it with a ‘Krishna Man’ with a pointed prompt by the former evokes ripples of laughter.

Harman Baweja looks smart and has come a long way in his acting in comparison to his previous films. Priyanka Chopra no doubt looks good in her various get ups and probably the most versatile role she could offer her fans. The direction fails to live up to its standards surprisingly considering the director’s earlier blockbusters like Lagaan and Jodha Akbar. However the plot borrowed by a book Kimball Ravenswood by Madhu Rye proves to be weak with a half baked trail. Sort of reminds one of a mouse’s trace disappearing slowly after being hunted down by a ferocious cat.

What could have been severely dealt with was the length of the movie. Wonder what made Ashutosh Gowarikar to create an epic saga out of something which was purely intended to be a breezy romantic comedy.

What’s your Raashee could been handled in a much better manner. Meanwhile the current status only leaves one with boredom, dissatisfaction or a chance of catching up on forty winks and paying Rs 300 for that. It sure can be considered an expensive way to have a lazy Sunday nap when one could find the same in their homes in a more comfortable position perhaps. Or an alternative option could be to curl on a comfortable couch and flip through the pages of a Linda Goodman’s Sun signs.



Blogger Ayesha Parveen said...

As usual, a very well-written review, Swetha.

BTW, who does Yogesh Patel marry finally?

Have a nice weekend :)

6:51 AM  
Blogger A New Beginning said...

ya I wana know that aswell...that will save one going thru the entire movie ;) Thot it would be nice, was eager to watch it..but the reviews and the rating and pushed me back and locked me away so that Im able to reach the theatres:) Technology saves your time fr sure ;)
Thanks Swetha!!

7:31 PM  
Blogger Whirlwind said...

@Ayesha: Thanks!! He married the Kumbha Raashee(Aquarian) girl in the end.:-)

10:22 PM  
Blogger Whirlwind said...

@New Beginning: Yup..he married the Aquarian girl. The movie could have been an interesting watch if only they had shortened the length.:-)

10:23 PM  
Blogger Ayesha Parveen said...

Aha..aha..the Aquarian woman :D

7:51 AM  
Blogger Whirlwind said...


10:02 PM  

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