Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Travel list

Just back from an amazing vacation which enabled me to see wildlife in their natural habitat. Learnt a lot about several species of fauna present in the jungles of Africa which was overall an intriguing expedition altogether. This trip has only propelled me to explore the world further and indulge in adventurous activities. Penning down the 2nd list of places I would really want to visit someday below.

Starting with Domestic travel and around:

Leh and Ladakh: Been hearing several people heading there on a trekking expedition and the whole prospect sounds exciting enough to go explore the Himalayas.

Andamans: Havelock Island indeed has received rave reviews and it boasts of having one of the best sites to dive. Having gotten into Scuba diving recently, I would love to explore the underwater world out here. Who knows I might even bump into a shark.:-)

International Travel:

Nepal: Another trekkers' paradise. Who wouldn’t want to explore this side of the great Himalayas?

Sri Lanka: Was here on a transit to Maldives. Though never actually ventured out. Would love to visit the country someday especially since the beaches there are supposed to be very beautiful.

China: Heard the place is quite intriguing and very culturally oriented. Love Chinese food but haven’t visited the place yet.:-) And not to mention the Great Wall of China certainly beckons.

Langkawi: Not so far and seems to be a good economical deal. A beach destination again, so being a sea lover, this place is definitely on my to-see list.

Bali: The Island of the Gods have been on my wish list for quite some time. But there seems to be trouble in that paradise on a continuous basis. There is something mystic about the place as I browse through the pictures online. Read the book 'Eat, Pray, Love' recently where the author embarks her spiritual journey in the same place.

Seychelles: Pristine blue waters, pearl white sands and exotic beaches with its uninhabited islands would definitely make me want to explore this destination.

Egypt: Land of the pharaohs-well I've read so much about Egyptian civilization back in school in History. Sounds mysterious and enchanting. Not to mention the largest river and the pyramids. There seems to be a thrilling expedition of even going on a jeep safari and diving in the Red Sea.

South Africa: Been hearing a lot about Kruger national park off late. Visited Kenya recently and must say the place definitely has its magnetic attraction enough to make you want to visit it again. There seems to be no dearth for wildlife here so will definitely want to visit this place.

Kenya again: Will definitely visit Masai Mara in 2-3 years time. It’s probably the most beautiful place ever with its bountiful savannah grasslands. And would cover Mombassa, Aberdares- known for its tree top lodges, Amboseli and Tsavo national park this time.

Bahamas: Would love to go on a cruise and combine it with a visit to Florida as well.

Arctic: Hope there is something left of the arctic whenever I visit considering the issue of global warming. Would definitely want to see polar bears in plenty and explore it from all ends.

USA: Not that this place hasn’t been exploited nor do I intend on living there. But would certainly visit it to see what the hype is all about and I'm sure it’s got some beautiful places to see.

Istaanbul: It’s been added to the recent favourites amongst the travellers' list. Hoping to visit and discover what the place has to offer.

Europe again: Visited about 5 years back with my parents. Would want to return with my hubby and do some sport activities like cycling around the country side in Holland and go on the ice flyer ride in Switzerland. More adventure for me this time. The place is indeed a treat for the eyes, a painters’ delight and an eye candy for sure.



Blogger A New Beginning said...

May to get a nice world tour!!!
Happy to know bout your vacations..had fun huh! Would like to hear more bout it!!
Have a great day ahead swetha!!

7:38 PM  
Blogger Whirlwind said...

It was an amazing time!! Will definitely post about it soon.:-)

10:46 PM  

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