Thursday, June 12, 2008

A sea of change

-By Swetha Amit
The tinkering droplets of water along with the drop in temperature are a welcome change from the scorching heat of May. The ‘downpour of events’ seem to have brought a startling contrast in the lifestyles.

The delay in the trains, sluggish traffic, cautious treading on the pavements are what the folks of the maximum city experiencing. Even the birds seem to huddle across window panes waiting patiently for one heavy spell to subside, to continue their flights. Cats are cushioned against walls, bored and tired of this wet syndrome.

The sudden stance of the rains adds charm as one observes the effect of this sparkling spell enhancing the mystic charm of the ocean. One certainly cannot help but stare in awe at the raging seas despite their busy schedules.

Adorned with raincoats and umbrellas they stand in an array, intrigued by the replacement of the placid sea into a tumultuous mass of waves. The turbulence and the fury of the ocean against the heavy spells is a mesmerizing sight. This inevitable capriciousness of the sea can make one draw a striking resemblance to coping up with life’s transitional phases and its turmoil element.
The sunny days depict the smooth sailing of the ships on the gentle ripples of the pale blue mass.
This is similar to ones' upswing stage where things run smooth that it makes one feel like a dolphin swimming effortlessly within the accommodating waves. However an ugly turn of events could cause a dark cloud over one's bright patch leading to a storm. One can see a ship trying its best to maneuver over the rough and unfriendly waves against all odds. Lashing out at the shores and rock, it indeed proves a rocky encounter for any voyage. This can be drawn parallels to the oscillations that issues bring about to the human minds during a crisis.

A state of discomposure hits the surface with ferocity. Despite our several attempts to hold the sails high, it’s the violent waves of trouble that daunt us from every corner. Giving up ultimately portrays one succumbing to defeat under the ferment sea of problems. At times it might be unwise of one to resort to such risky ventures due to impatience in waiting for the storm to subside. A strong will power and patience are what is needed to endure the rough patch.

Post a couple of months, one is likely to see sunshine yet again with the seas in a calmer state with the breezy sails. Watching this soothing sight, it is indeed hard for many to imagine the marine violence and jeopardy prior to this. A similar approach to our ups and downs is the key to sailing through our days of turmoil. As we hold on to our psychological anchor with grit and determination, weathering storms will appear to us just as a dark stage which is to soon be enlightened. Just like the grey and hazy shades of the water are replaced by a pleasant blue, the ambiguity of our issues will soon drain out into a crystal clear solution.

The adaptability to change is a realization that one must attain especially during troubled times. There are some lessons that are taught to us in a structured manner. And others are gathered from various sources and forces of nature.

The monsoons are a coolant for some and an amusing phase for others yet it’s strange to see that its recurring stance fails to make a deep impact on ones cognitive factor. It makes one wonder about the actual ‘sea of change’ that the rains will bring. And it’s not just resolving the water problem or a evoking a temperature transition.
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Blogger croissantpark said...

I really the words you used here, especially the words like "dolphin swimming effortlessly within the accommodating waves". Dolphins are my favorite animals and they do move around effortlessly. Keep up the great blog.
God Bless,

12:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice Blog...
Keep Going.....
I like to see my comment here...
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2:41 AM  
Blogger Whirlwind said...

Thanks a lot for your wonderful comments.:-)

8:28 AM  
Anonymous Mukundhan said...

Nature is the best teacher isn't it? There are so many naturally occuring events that one can compare and draw parallels to what we go through in life.There are always lessons to learn from troubled times.
I recommend you to watch Dasavathaaram, if you could find time.

6:12 AM  
Blogger Whirlwind said...

Very true. I am going for Dasavatharam today. Hope it lives up to the hype.:-)

9:51 PM  

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