Thursday, February 14, 2008

Insubstantial violence

-By Swetha Amit
Secularism seems to be diminishing slowly like the fading light of the twilight time zone only to engulf the nation into a gloom of ignorance and absurdity. India was once known as the abode of Indians. However due to the stingy and narrow mindedness of certain ‘STATE’ments of a political personnel on the pretext of declaring loyalty and love for his state, a spark of insecurity has spread like wild fire.

Inter-rivalry between the political parties is unfairly affecting the common man on the streets. The bashing up of glass panes of taxis and causing havoc on the pretence of ardent affection for their localities; ironically ends up in destroying the entire purpose with the loss of lives and injuring the same community individuals. Humanity seems to have been lost with obsessive fanatics’ mindlessly indulging in ‘Communal PARTYing.’

Generating fear amongst many and instigating the shopkeepers to shut down their shops proves to be an unjustified malfunctioning in more than one aspect. Anticipated attacks exhibiting their irrelevant stance is causing havoc to the routine lifestyle of people who are gripped with anxiety to drop everything and rush back through the pool of vandalism. Is it fair to disrupt normalcy of such individuals due to some extraneous emotional outrage? Does this depict the so called love for the ‘MAHARASTHRA? It’s a shame to portray such hooligan behaviour all over the state and lose innocent lives. Death tolls seem to be increasing at an alarming rate which is horrifying and needless. Such senseless on goings need to be put to an immediate halt.

It is high time political leaders come together to end this meaningless battle which is resulting in an unwarranted stampede and mobs. Unconstitutional mindset seems to be threatening Indians even out of their own country and restricting them from entering their otherwise friendly neighboring states. Curbing their movement even within their own country proves to be stifling; drawing parallels to a bird fluttering helplessly in a cage. Ironically, it almost equals us to the status of refugees in our own country with such impudent conditions imposed on us; even when foreign countries are ready to welcome us with open arms.

Such division of communities tears apart the ‘wholesome’ attitude of our nation. At this rate India would become fragmented and is bound to become an easy target for the forces that are waiting to divide our nation. This is uncalled for especially with enemies waiting to grab such opportunities like a tiger on a prowl for a lonesome prey.

Gestures by leaders should propel us to raise our heads in pride and not bow down with shame and horror. Terrorist attacks spell uncertainty as they prey on our lives and homes mercilessly. Do we need another set of incorrigible squad to instill fear of the fact whether our homeland is really our home or a place that depicts nothing but war cries, slogans and insubstantial violence?
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Blogger Mukundh said...

What is more worrying is the leaders paiting a "patriotic" portrait of themselves at the state level. We must be ashamed to call ourselves secular. National integration is present only in the social studies textbooks these days. Myself, a tamilian in Delhi, has been object to this discrimination. This is the pitiable plight of 'the new and resurgent India'.

10:27 PM  
Blogger Whirlwind said...

Yes...its no use developing other sectors when the most crucial one needs to come a long way....we talk about globalisation and aping the west yet attitudes are worse than that of the 16th century when even a Mjughal emperor was ready to culminate a matrimonial alliance outside religious bars.

10:55 PM  

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