Monday, February 04, 2008

Not a MINOR issue

-By Swetha Amit
Brutality seems to be another name for justice; at least according to certain civilians who are far from exhibiting any civil stance. It appears strange as to how the superior ‘fight for right’ phenomenon crops up selectively, especially when the guilty party proves to be inferior or rather a minor in this case.

The appalling incident that took place in Murshidabad in West Bengal has infuriated many. A seven year old was mercilessly tied to a pole and beaten black and blue over a mere suspicion of having stolen something. To make matters worse, such horrifying behaviour was justified as a so called reprimanding act to teach the lad a lesson. It would probably be unforgettable to the young boy physically, spiritually and psychologically.

This draws a lot of resemblance to the incident that took place a few months ago in Bhagalpur where a petty thief was mauled in a similar way. The only difference being that this time it was a child traumatized in a ‘beastly’ manner on a literal basis. Being ‘roped’ in by a large number brings about a shame to the factor of ‘man-kind’ as the lack of ‘kind’ness is unmistakably exhibited. Several hearts bleed with the severity depicted towards a kid when all it required was a gentle explanation or a reprimand to shape the young one’s values and integrity.

Attacking ferociously like wild hounds is certainly NOT the solution. If such adults lack maturity, compassion and understanding, how is it possible for a child to distinguish between the right and the wrong? If they feel so strongly about injustice what happens on those occasions when murders occur during the broad day light? Is the fear factor prominent due to the possession of a lethal weapon that makes these mob packs shrink like timid mice under the harsh glare of a ferocious cat? Or is it an apprehension to attack an equal? Are they proving their ‘might is right’ aspect by shoveling a weaker opposition in order to massage their raging egos?

It shook the heavens when a nineteen year old ‘Abimanyu’ was crushed to death by numerous attackers which was against the rule of the Mahabharata war. This occurred despite the awareness of this rule amongst the elders. In a similar fashion it is enraging for millions to see such ‘Man’handling or rather mob handling in this case. Especially when it’s against the law of humanity to torture a kid in an inhuman manner.

None can fathom this unjustified act on the pretext of fighting against ‘injustice’. It makes one wonder about the extent of psychotherapy that such people require to deal with such issues in the future. It doesn’t cease to view such heartless gestures from ‘human’ beings. Especially when such individuals are parent figures themselves. If only a moment's thought is flashed by images of their own kith and kin, will such merciless treatment be meted out?

This calls for a serious approach by human rights commission and renowned psychiatrists world wide in order to restore humanity before it diminishes completely only to be superseded by barbarism. After all this isn’t a ‘minor’ issue anymore is it?

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Blogger Mukundh said...

There is absolutely no let off for crime against children. If the perpetrators, who themselves are parents, have any qualms of conscience pricking them, they would not resort to such a savage treatment.There was also an incident in an Islamic country where a young boy's hand was run over by a car for allegedly stealing a loaf of bread.

4:24 AM  
Blogger Whirlwind said...

@Mukundh:It is a horrendous plight to see children manhandled in a gruesome manner.Very disturbing to hear about a child's arm being run over!!!Sometimes it makes me wonder if there is any trace of humanity left.:-(

9:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its upsetting, shocking & definitely NOT a 'minor' issue.
Indeed a commendable post.

8:31 AM  
Blogger Whirlwind said...

@Smarty Pants: Thanks. Yes indeed a horrifying incident and makes me wonder if any 'civilization' has occurred after all on hearing about such happenings.

10:11 PM  

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