Friday, February 15, 2008

The irony of Valentine’s Day

-By Swetha Amit
Heart shaped balloons, candies; chocolates and cakes depict the fact of heart-to-heart gestures symbolized by a proposal for a lifetime or on a temporary basis. Such is the hype and festive of Valentines Day-the day when one solemnly declares his/her puppy or adult love eventually turning into adultery love.

It makes one to think about the meaning of love. Unconditional affection, trust, commitment are words that can be strewn together to form a garland of enchantment. The strong will to stick to one another fiercely even through trying times is slowly giving way to impatience, intolerance leading to break ups like a piece of china ware developing cracks and perishing ultimately. Such is the case of this so called contemporary love where practicality and convenience seem to be the dominant factor. Sadly today, lavish lifestyles and monetary gains are what form the union between some individuals Superficiality aspect seems to have gained supremacy over the heart as fluctuation in several relationships is observed with the ever increasing break ups, divorces and separation. What makes it worse is the agility of partners to switch over to another individual before one can say ‘Jack Robinson.’

What initially was a simple, pure and deep emotion is being made complicated and twisted like a spider furiously spinning its webbed abode. Being faithful seems to be alien to many as a rationale for gaining ‘stimulation’ or the inability to control their ‘instincts’. Strangely such individuals who do not hesitate to shamelessly utter ‘I love you’ to their respective partners, seem to lose their communicative mode when it comes to dealing their problems or bridge the gaps in their ‘not so great’ relationship. In order to ‘cover’ up for their guilt, they indulge in cakes and exuberant gifts to convince themselves and their spouses about their ‘true love’.

Is such brash indulgence the only method of expressing love? Is their ‘quality of life’ determined only by being materialistic? The selfish motive of wanting to be seen in the most elite places is what has propelled some to take their partners out and showcase of their false bliss to the society. What happened to integrity and honesty with one another? Celebrating Valentine's Day to them has become more of a showy stance than their genuine fondness towards their better halves.

On the other extreme, there dwells a dark side to this intense feeling where on the pretext of it, people are even willing to indulge in violence of varying degrees. Or there are those who give up their lives for soulful love forgetting the same feeling from different sources like their family/friends.And yet much hype is being made about February fourteen. With such murky elements present it makes one wonder about what exactly is being celebrated? Or is it just a mere aping of the west? Even if it is the case of the latter it is essential to keep in mind the ‘real’ essence of this entire emotion which should not restricted to only ‘once’ in a year.

One should remember to eliminate the feeling of being taken for granted and that ‘little’ things make a ‘huge’ difference. Sensitivity should surpass superficiality. Standing by one another through thick and thin is what denotes a ‘healthy’ relationship and not JUST by flamboyant flying kisses in the air across the dimming lights of a disco. Respect, being non-judgmental and unconditional acceptance of one other is what eventually makes one a ‘better’ half. A mature stance of compatibility, expression and commitment needs to be adopted before sailing into this journey of love. Else the whole spirit will wither away like dry leaves before the onset of winter.

The absence of the above constituents can indeed make one ponder about the irony of Valentine's day or for that matter the existence of the concept of ‘meaningful love’ and that too just on that single day!!

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Blogger Mukundh said...

Personally, i too don't favour this public display of affection. I can even agree with the Hindu activists jehading against it for it is more of cultural degradation than expression one's love for another.If you really share a good relationship with your spouse/partner, there is no need for a special day for celebration.

10:36 PM  
Blogger Whirlwind said...

Ya true...even if it is to be celebrated it should be done with great deal of sincerity and authenticity...which I'm afraid is lacking in the current scenario...going by my observation of the contemporary couples.

10:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I positively agree with both of you...
Its the things you do not buy for each other that matter...

8:03 AM  
Blogger Whirlwind said...

@Smarty Pants: Very true. If only the majority of people realize that we wont hear of broken relationships every other day.

10:08 PM  

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