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‘Taare Zameen par’: A colorful learning

-By Swetha Amit

There are many who see the world in a matter of fact manner. However there are a few who delve deeper and view a different universe altogether which is a cut above the rest. The latter set of individuals are in turn perceived ‘different’ from the rest due to their unconventional mode of cognition. Noticing nature’s miniscule details tend to bring in a sparkle of joy causing their eyes to twinkle like starlets. Their gestures indulge in painting their novel existence into different shades of emotions. And eventually emerge as a star with a special talent despite their other shortcomings.

Taare zameen par is the story of one such boy whose ‘specialty’ lay in teaching others a colorful lesson about people, society and the world.

The film starts by showcasing images of dancing numbers, blurry images and jumbling up alphabets as seen by the delicate nine year old Ishaan (Darsheel Safary). His difficulty in comprehending sentences and symbols cause despair to his teachers. He becomes a laughing stock among his peers. Added to which his cheeky and obstinate stance exasperates his parents. Constant comparison with his older brother who is a first rank holder makes matters worse. His interest lies in fishes and splashing colors on paper depicting his passion for painting. The inability to understand his queer problem instigates his family to pack him off to a boarding school with a hope of improvement in his overall stature.

Life becomes depressing and frustrated for Ishaan who is unable to bear the separation from his family and difficulty in faring well academically. He dwells in darkness until an unexpected turn of events which seeps in radiance and a ray of hope into his life. The entry of the effervescent art master Ram Shankar Nikumbh (Aamir Khan) brings in delight to his students. Breaking the conventional barriers of teaching, Nikumbh dares the little boys to let their imaginations soar to great heights.

He manages to notice the sullen and scared Ishaan and draws him out of his shell. Further probing leads to the discovery of Ishaans problem of Dyslexia which is brought to the notice of his parents immediately. With encouragement and support, Nikumbh helps him overcome his difficulties and taps the inner potential of the true inherent talent. With every stroke of splash he enables the emergence of the star child in a flash. How Nikumbh unleashes the stringent attitude of parents, teachers and the system with an artistic turn around, form’s rest of the narrative; accompanied with a strong social message.

Taare Zameen par is brilliant and profound. It is sensitively handled and evokes an overwhelming response from its viewers. The film talks more than just a child suffering from Dyslexia. It brings to light the contemporary mindset of the parents towards their children’s vocation and education.

Darsheel Safary is terrific and the real star of the movie in every aspect. He portrays his emotions on screen perfectly and wins the viewers hearts instantly. Aamir Khan is excellent as the art teacher who makes his inimitable mark as both an actor and debut director. His choice of a distinct subject has left his fans spellbound. Music by Shankar Ehsaan Loy is soothing to listen to and the popularity of the song ‘bum bum bole’ has taken it to the chartbusters.

Some of the scenes are stupendous and deserves a standing applause. The one where Aamir Khan confronts communicates to Ishaan’s parents about his problem is shot with tremendous conviction. Also the one where Aamir brings to light to Ishaan's father about how care is shown by reassuring a child of unconditional love instead of mere collection of information on its problem is very touching. It causes one to choke with emotion and become teary eyed.

The point where Aamir Khan names a few famous personalities who have suffered from a learning difficulty during their childhood proves to be an inspirational source for many.

The climax scene where the winner is announced and rewarded is remarkable. Ishaans joy knows no bounds as he experiences a wonderful feeling of being appreciated after numerous hurls of being called ‘good for nothing’.

This film is a must watch for all. It tends to linger in one's mind even after they leave the hall. It’s a movie which offers an explicit experience that many can imbibe morals from. It teaches one the importance of accepting and respecting others in spite of their similar or ‘differential’ abilities.

Recognition of ones potential instead of dwelling on difficulties is an important learning chapter for parents towards their little ones. Pushing their little ones into the competitive rat race often results in the failure of identifying their true worth. Taking an unconventional route at times is not a crime especially when the child’s interest and aptitude lies in off beat fields.

This film can make realization dawn on millions and is an illuminating eye opener. Appreciating one another for our uniqueness embarks the rise of the future stars. It’ll propel us to contribute and shine in a down to earth manner marking our existence special. As the film tagline says “every child is special’.

Artistic, exemplary and thought provoking sums up ‘Taare Zameen par’ for you.
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What a beautifully written review.There cannot be a better publicity for the movie than this review.It makes the reader wanting to see the film and partake of the wonderful experience that the film promises.
The author has a very fluent style and a good command on the language.Great job! Keep it up.

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