Thursday, December 13, 2007

Juvenile Delinquency

-By Swetha Amit

Educational institutions were once considered as homes away from home. The secure atmosphere then proved to be a comforting factor to both parents and their children like a warm blanket on a frosty winter night. The contents of a school bag consisted of simple stationary items and books. Who would have thought that times would change so drastically that pencils and pens would be replaced by revolvers instead?

The atrocious incident at Gurgaon has flabbergasted many. A 14 year old met his end at the hands of his two school mates who shot him furiously. Apparently the victim was reported to have been bullying them to an extent of threatening to take their lives. The boys’ complaints to the school authorities fell on deaf ears as the matter was refused to be dealt with in the appropriate manner. This unfortunate stance instigated the young ones to indulge in a horrifying crime causing serious repercussions. At the same time it poses a valid question of the safety issues in schools to anxious parents.

This shocking act is under no standards justifiable and deserves a reprimanding stance. An insight into this can determine the various sources which are to be blamed.

The concerned personnel in the school needed to have addressed the bullying with immediate seriousness. Brushing off this issue has resulted in the two students feeling helpless and enraged enough to indulge in murder. Adolescence is a sensitive period and any plea needs to be handled with great concern. Especially, with the aggression and frustration levels soaring and worsening, with their problems being ignored. Monitoring and resolving this matter in an appropriate manner with the help of concerned parents would have saved this horrifying catastrophe.

Secondly parents who possess licensed weapons should NOT allow it be accessible to their children. Irresponsibility of the guilty boy’s father has cost him his son’s future and put the family’s reputation at stake. To make matters worse it has sent a chill down the spine for millions to cause anxiety about the welfare of their children. Added to their stress in the occupational setting, this has now caused an unnecessary burden on them. Not to mention the anguish the deceased’s parents must be undergoing regardless of the fact that their son was a bully. As a matured adult, care should have been taken to be aware of the goings on in their son’s life and correctly deal with the problem.

Parenting styles should include teaching their children to certainly be assertive but NOT aggressive. Anger management techniques need to be implemented from the young age. This would enable the future generation to take control of their lives in EVERY aspect. Inculcating values and teaching to treat their peers in a gentler manner would indeed avoid the other kids being subjected to bullying.

Schools should also compulsorily appoint a counselor to deal with conflicts faced by the students internally and externally. This would make a huge difference as issues will be dealt with care and maturity.

This incident would continue to linger in the minds for a long time to come, instead of just being brushed off as just another piece of news. It should prove to be a learning lesson to parents and all schools. Being sensitive and alert to adolescents would make a huge difference to their personality development and save the society from the savage crimes. It would also prevent the unwarranted anguish, turmoil and misery caused to parents and children due to such antisocial behaviour.

With all the immorality, infringement and villainous violation across borders and villages, one definitely can do without juvenile delinquency. After all we do not need more fuel added to the fire on a literal basis do we?
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