Friday, December 28, 2007

An appalling assassination

-By Swetha Amit
The brutal assassination of Benazir Bhutto has generated shock waves across the world. This sadistic method of having a ‘blast’ in the horrifying form of terror has cost yet another life.
It was a moment of disbelief and bewilderment for many as the news of her death was announced. The breaking news led to the ‘break’ down of her near and dear ones especially. A cry of anguish lingered after this deadly declaration by the Rawalpindi general hospital. It was also horrifying to see other innocent lives being targeted mercilessly.

Speculations are being made furiously and a million dollar question continues to linger in the minds of all. ‘Who did it’?

Extending beyond this is a cognitive concern about the extent to which violence takes a fatal turn. Being entwined in the web of greed, selfishness and power has sadly led to the elimination of mankind gradually. Petty mindedness and the insane drive to prove supremacy over another individual has apparently turned the world homicidal. Looking at a broader perspective: Is an ego centric gain worth all this turmoil and confusion?

Terror and torture is what appears to rule the roost. It makes several hearts bleed as they hear about repeated catastrophes occurring on a frequent basis. Right from the train blast, to shootout in educational institutions or murdering a charismatic person, rage seems to rampage and disrupt the mental equilibrium of humans. It is truly reprehensible.

Assault, bloodshed and savagery- does the world need more and more of this? Anger and aggression is well within ones control zone if the right amount of will power is put in. Thinking about the anguish one may put the other fellow humans before giving in to destructiveness will ignite the feelings of sensitivity and compassion. Will this thought ever dawn upon those indulging in vehemence and ferocity? And channel the energies into productive purposes?
Improvement in every aspect appears to be a distant dream like a glowing light beyond our reach with such repeated occurrences. If only this is realized, the unwarranted black outs will remain in the dark and kindle the goodness and peace in the world.

Executing a person in the short run for a selfish motive is an actual loss while viewed in the long run. As Mahatma Gandhi says” Victory attained by violence is tantamount to a defeat, for it is momentary.”
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