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-By Swetha Amit

Crowds are flocking eagerly at the shopping arenas with a sparkle in their eyes. Jubilant and joyful, they find several reasons to crack up. Lightening up in every possible manner, the young and the old unite together for this scintillating festive occasion. A titter of laughter accompanies such enthusiastic beings like a faithful friend ensuring a happy state of mind always. The colorful array of lights, lamps and the display of fireworks seem to dispel the darkness caused by the evil both within and outside.

This festival falls on a new moon day in most years and is one of the most popular ones which has now spread to the other side of the world as well, thanks to the Indian diaspora. Diwali has arrived; to be celebrated with tremendous zest and an opportunity for many to have a BLAST.

Though being common festival among all Hindus, it is celebrated in different ways for varied reasons in various parts of the country, with the exception of Kerala. In the north, the day is marked to celebrate the return of Lord Ram to Ayodhya from his 14 year exile. The south commemorates the killing of Narakasura, an evil demon, by Lord Krishna's wife Satyabama .In the eastern parts, it is the completion day of the austerity by Goddess Shakti for 21 days to attain the left half of the form of Lord Shiva.

It is the beginning of new hope for the mankind to start afresh from the destructive times in the past. Buying of gold and precious metals marks the onset of the festival in many parts of the country. The day is dedicated to prosperity and success and people welcome the goddess of wealth – Lakshmi to their homes.

It also encourages artistic expressions in the form of home decorations adorning the floor with designs made out of colored powder,' Rangoli', dancing, singing, elocution are held thereby enhancing the talent display of the people. Rainbow colored rockets streaking through the clouds, lights up the skies on this dark night making their presence felt by the deafening sounds and wishing us in their own special FIERY way.It is also accompanied by exchange of mouth watering, sweets that are packed in attractive boxes.

It enlightens our minds towards bringing in unity and brotherhood with our own kith and kin, by brushing aside the petty differences and shedding our vile destructive enemy-EGO. It emphasizes the importance of retaining love in every heart and seeking blessings from our endearing and loving elders in the family. Nevertheless, it involves in not failing to wish our near and dear ones irrespective of the sour ties which need to be sweetened on this illuminating occasion.

The spirit of Diwali is essentially to lighten up people’s lives like the lamps that light up and adorn our homes. It is also an occasion to take time and make a difference to those souls who are unfortunately deprived of their families due to an untimely catastrophe. Eliminating the gloom of loneliness from their worlds for even a brief moment would generate the glow in their faces like the radiant flames on the earthen lamps. While we are showered with abundant love, good wishes and gifts on this day, such lives of these remorse souls are devoid of these prized possessions.

Noble gestures of visiting old aged homes/orphanages bring in immense joy as they look up with new eyes glistening like starlets as we hand over sweets/crackers/clothes. Seeing a ray of hope in the form of our little token of grace would propel brightness and a cheery stance into their solitary worlds, enlivening them up a bit.

Expressing our love to all, it’s a time to give and share, spread the joy around in the form of good thoughts and deeds and usher in happiness.

The true significance of Diwali can be put forth in these following lines expressed by Rabindranath Tagore” The night is black Kindle the lamp of LOVE with thy life and devotion.”

Happy Diwali!!!!!

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