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AID(s) your life

-By Swetha Amit
“Ignorance is bliss” is a popular saying which prevents one of unnecessary burden of facts that are irrelevant and cause an unwarranted baggage of strain. However there occurs many a moment when one can advocate a statement emphasizing that “Awareness is indeed a blessing”.
Acquiring knowledge certainly bears its fruit and comes in handy in several instances especially in those involving a life and death factor. Possessing vital information strengthens and empowers an individual and prevents them from attaining a ‘weak’ stance in more than one way.

Such is the case of the deadly disease called AID(s) which is of no mystery to the current population. Yet it’s ironical to see the vast ignorance of its pivotal aspects that has instigated this condition to a large extent and spread like wild fire. Tracing back to the yesteryears this virus was prominent among the sex workers clan which rapidly spread to other sections of the society before one could say ‘Jack Robinson’.

In comparison to the earlier alarming recurrence of this virus, there thankfully seems to be a slight decrease according to statistics and reports out recently. However it appears to be a long and cumbersome task to battle this catastrophic syndrome before it engulfs mankind altogether. This fight is indeed a trying and hard one which manages to flash a ray of hope amongst millions to eradicate this dark and murky evil.

A further insight into the depth of these underlying causes sums of to that of the unhygienic measures adopted in medical facilities, the inadequate education about intercourse and the inability to monitor ‘instinct’ impulses lead to dire consequences.

Some things occur beyond ones control while other circumstances are those which we can gain control of, yet fail to do so; due to our weak will power which twists into a strange irony of a ‘weakly physical state of being.’ This is evident in the case of the youth segment comprising that of adolescents and the young adults. Insatiable curiosity levels and giving in to their intense feelings, entice them into a passionate lock without the appropriate measures that result in a ‘final diagnosis’ with serious repercussions much to their dismay. Without sufficient knowledge, such youngsters unfortunately succumb to their needs which sadly leave them ‘stigmatized’ in more than one way.

Lack of education about the essential trivia of needed information for the rural population is a cause of concern. The irresponsibility to undertake prime care and ensure hygiene throws such faultless beings into a state of misery and pitiable conditions. It is horrifying to see the unclean sterile bring in an incurable and venomous virus that ‘sets them apart’ from others by depriving them ironically of their ‘healthy’ status.

Affecting and scarring them in every possible manner, such victims are sunk into the quivering quick sands of doom creating murk in theirs and the lives of their kith and kin. This traumatic condition instigates others around to treat them as no worse than untouchables. Estranged from their own family and friends, the suffering and agony extends deep into their psychological state. It is appalling to see such beings tormented by society due to false notions attached to this disease; of being contagious even by a mere physical touch which is not the case. Such people are deprived of the needed love, care and nurture during their diminishing statues as ‘lively’ beings. Is it fair to play along with this fatal disease destroying mankind and entice the ‘humanity factor altogether?

Instead of indulging in‘avoidant’ behaviour and a harsh glare towards these grief stricken beings, society needs to adopt constructive measures by emphasizing on ‘prevention is better than cure’ stance. Imparting sex education in schools at the ‘right age’ when the transition awareness starts to develop gradually is absolutely necessary. This step is crucial even among remote villages and small towns which are starved out of the needful information.

Thoughtful gestures in contributing to this noble cause in our own special and humane way will aid and prevent our fellow humans from falling prey to this frightful phenomenon. Also treating those affected with articulate sensitivity instead of a scornful and disdainful expression as towards a ragged piece of unwanted cloth will ensure a bloom into their gloomy state of being.
People need to be conditioned from the right age and time to attune their cognitive aspects that would raid their conscience and ‘Aid’ their lives.

While several measures undertaken today in the form of strong messages through the media and workshops, we have a long way to go in combating this virus. As Robert Frost mentioned” we have miles to go before we sleep”, in this case ‘before we sweep this disease off the society with diligence.’
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