Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Happy Birthday Bapu

-Swetha Amit
There are many national holidays every year, which are welcomed eagerly as a break from the tedious and routine work life. A day to unwind from the usual grind can indeed make one feel on top of the world. A moment’s thought and further insight behind the significance of this ‘break’ would probably make our spirits rise even higher making us feel proud to be an Indian eventually.

One such day is the 2nd of October and happens to be the birthday of one of the most revered human beings; a freedom fighter, known as the father of the nation, and Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’s birthday is what is declared as Gandhi Jayanti.

Life about this noble soul is of no mystery to zillions across the country. He achieved something which many failed to do via the act of violence-freedom from the clutches of the British rule. He instilled his authority in a manner which was different and unique; by emphasizing his principles of truth and non-violence (Satya and Ahimsa.) He was known for his distinct qualities like simplicity and humility. His impartiality was well talked about as he exhibited such stance even with his own children by refusing to accept certain special benefits offered to him for being himself.

He posed a gentlemanly stance of refusing to retaliate right from his humiliating days in South Africa, in spite of being subjected to racial abuse. From there he sowed the seeds of non violence and the journey continued right through thick and thin which finally bore him the much desired and deserved results in India.

Having gone through tremendous physical and emotional struggle, his selfless act knocked the door of triumph and success in the end. His choice to be with the suffering humans rather than on the Dias giving flamboyant speeches was what made him the ‘Mahatma’. Without him, freedom would have been alien to us.

However it is sad to realize that despite his birthday being acknowledged every year, his principles have almost been isolated like an orphan left in the lurch. The simplicity of truth can indeed reduce the burden borne due to the complexity of manipulating the truth or indulging in lying. If only non violence is practiced, the country/the world will be devoid of the vile elements of hurt, brutality, terror and domestic abuse.

The nation which he dreamt of, is crumbling with the poor state of affairs, with petty squabbles in the name of religion and communalism raising its ugly head now and again; which would indeed make his soul bleed.

However there is still a ray of hope just like a silver lining on a cloud. Whether it was 'Gandhi my father' or the well acclaimed 'Lage raho Munnabhai,' these films proved that the almost forgotten Mahatma has revived the nostalgic memories of the people, especially the younger generation. The remarkable portrayal of his life in literary pieces or documentries depicted him with great endurance, patience and tolerance and of which he set a great example not only in India but to the entire world.

The young upcoming generation may draw inspirations from his ideals and a new world may emerge, bringing peace and serenity of which he was a true messiah.

Reminiscing this enlightened personality on his birthday, we gratefully salute his humble stature which is why we choose to say ‘Happy birthday Bapu’.

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