Thursday, September 20, 2007

The super six Singh

-By Swetha Amit
Thunder and lightening struck the Kingsmead ground in Durban yesterday. And it certainly wasn’t the spell of showers but the rain of super sixes in the 18th over by Yuvraj Singh that left the enthusiastic crowd spell bound and ecstatic.

The strong foundation by Sehwag and Gambhir left India in a solid position before they lost their wickets to the colonial team. Things took a quiet turn around the 16th over when they lost yet another precious one of Uthappa’s. A sight of dismay went around when the fans were dejected at the loss of the trio.

It almost seemed like calm before the storm until the lighting in the form of Yuvraj walked into the field with grit and determination written all over his face. He was already shown doing a few warm ups as though gearing up for an energetic performance which ended up taking the game to a different level altogether.

This ‘Punjab da Putar’ indeed gave an opportunity for millions to do a jubilant Bhangra dance, making the crowds go "balle balle" with his continuous stupendous sixes in the 18th over. Every electrifying stroke sent the ball soaring high along with the spirits of the elated supporters that were no less than sparkling fireworks.

This retaliation of the vice captain’s five sixes hit by Dimitri Mascaranus of his bowling in England was well applauded by the mass along with his accomplishment of a quick half century and a mighty boost to the overall score. It was one of those rare moments in cricket where every ball bowled truly bowled over the viewers completely. The ball whiz past like a magic spell cast from the wand in the form of Yuvraj’s bat and rose above like a dazzling star in this do or die game.

The faces of the England players projected an unmistakable expression of dismay, baffle, indignation and felt as though they were being slapped like little school boys for their under performance. This helpless team looked on, in bewilderment, unable to do anything but just gape at the reign of sixes that were descending upon them like heavy rain drops, which eventually snatched the game from them .

Though the latter gave a fighting chase scoring a 200, it was indeed the super sixes of the Singh that made a huge difference cruising India to an essential victory.

While the vice captain’s feat is highly talked about, there is bound to be great expectation from the next match against South Africa. Millions are pinning their hope for yet another stunning game which will give India a spectacular entry into the semi finals.
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