Sunday, September 23, 2007

Indian march into the grand finale

-By Swetha Amit
It was the most awaited match which started off with India electing to bat, exhibiting their stance to pose a challenging total against the haughty Kangaroos. After a moderate start the scene was perfectly set by Yuvraj which portrayed the Sig(h)ing of yet another spectacular innings and scoring 70 out of 30 balls. This helped in contributing to the grand total 188 along with Dhoni’s aggressive support.

However the Aussies were in no mood to bow down and charged their shots like fiery bullets shooting their sixes and fours, which were all in vain. The fast bowlers came like raging bulls and devoured the crucial wickets at the right time, putting Australia under immense pressure. The 18th and 19th overs bowled by Harbhajan and R.P.Singh respectively, sealed the match for the men in blue who successfully managed to hold on fiercely to the game like a prized possession.

It was euphoria, relief and exhilarated cheer when the Indians came out in flying colors which set the Indian flags flying high. The men in blue managed to put the Aussies under the spell of blue as the latter unbelievably walked away with their heads hung in dejection. Meanwhile the Indian team was filled with ecstasy and joy. The young jubilant men were immersed in their own celebration as they cruised through victory over the world champions.

There seems to be a new found energy under Dhoni’s captaincy which has exhibited freshness and enjoyment with which the team is playing the game. Intelligent and clear cut strategies have worked wonders so far. This has made several feel the youthful and vibrant spirit that has brought out the visible best out of each player. No longer do they succumb to pressure despite of having being generous with a few overs or losing wickets at the wrong time. It is pleasant to see this novel form of the men in blue which apparently seems to have surrendered to the magical spell of motivation that has delighted their ardent fans.

This triumph proves to be a double treat not only with India’s win but also the final against Pakistan which has always set adrenalin levels high even on an ordinary day. The grand finale is something that millions will be looking forward to. Considering the past record, Indians have never lost to Pakistan in a world cup match. This has set many to hope that the record is still retained in this vital match as it’s a golden opportunity to set another round of scintillating fireworks across the dazzling skies.

Meanwhile it’s an eager wait to watch yet another nail biting game-which isn’t far away before the fast and furious champions emerge.
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