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Darling: A confusing haunt

-By Swetha Amit
The theme of extra marital affairs isn’t alien to Bollywood. Numerous films have been made in the past which were either an emotional saga or a horror stricken tale.

However Darling refuses to fall in neither category trying to carve a niche for itself. This proves to make one’s cognitive aspects cringe with considerable amount of confusion.

The film starts with Aditya (Fardeen Khan) being portrayed as a lust craving man with erotic fantasies in spite of having a beautiful and homely wife Ashwini (Isha Koppikar).His irresistible temptations propel him to have a torrid affair with his hot secretary Geeta (Esha Deol) who loves him madly too. Having the cake and eating it too makes Aditya feel on top;making the best of both his worlds.

However his castle comes crashing down the minute Geeta announces her pregnancy. His inability to marry her infuriates and enrages her. A huge fight breaks out followed by an unfortunate accident resulting in a fatal mishap of Geeta. Horrified at this unexpected occurrence, Aditya buries her. No sooner did he realize that things would return to normalcy than a terrible twist occurs.

His dead lover is out to avenge her death and makes his life a living hell on a literal basis. This brings in the comic element of the film. Whether it’s watching over Ashwini seducing Aditya on their first anniversary or making him look like a fool in front of two crime branch officers, Geeta’s ghost creates discomfort for Aditya in every possible way, making him break out into perspiration and a pool of nervousness. She becomes an invisible stalker in his life and a perplexed Aditya soon sends everyone down the road of bewilderment.

Aditya begins to regret for his impertinent folly and a series of events follow. The final turn reveals a ‘spirited’ gesture which reminds one of a Hollywood flick.

Darling is well directed and some scenes leave you with a tinge of spooky feeling yet at times bring a smile to your face. It provides one with sincere performances. Esha Deol is excellent as the furious lover with an element of madness in her. Fardeen Khan is very good as the harassed man who is continuously taunted by the ghost of his past. Isha Koppikar plays her part well and has more substance in the second half.

The sequences with the crime branch officers tend to tickle a funny bone. Especially with the pair of a chatterbox cop Reddy with his opposite, silent, stoic and stern faced colleague Malathi. The scene where Geeta’s father pleads with Aditya to find his mysteriously missing daughter is moving. Music is decent with the song ‘Tadap Tadap’ already doing well in the chart busters.

The movie tends to portray shades of Raaz and Bhoot yet fails to send shivers down the spine like the former two. Though better than Ram Gopal Varma’s previous release Aag, it isn’t his best and maintains its cat on the wall stance. Neither it provides a hearty laughter nor does it scare one out of their wits. It can be summed up as a horror flick which thrills one and at times evokes a titter of laughter.

It may seem queer, puzzling, peculiar, weird, slightly cheesy in the end and probably a little eerie which makes one all the more believe that overall, Darling is indeed a confusing haunt.

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