Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Black and Buck(ed)?

-By Swetha Amit
There have been numerous instances posing a threat to the existence of the animal kingdom.

Excessive poaching of the tigers, turtles or rhinos in the recent past has instigated several animal lovers to protest against such disgraceful acts. Those certain sections of the human clan have apparently taken it upon themselves to be determinant for the continuance of these creatures.

The reasons cited for the above actions are that of satisfying one’s selfish needs for commercial purposes. Or the element of enjoyment that depicts the sadistic pleasure derived from killing these mute fauna species.

Hunting expeditions can be traced back to the time of the Maharaja as a royal sport. This legacy has been carried forward by certain ‘Nawabs’even today, followed by ‘c(Kh)andid’ behaviour accompanied by a ‘shooting’ in more than one way. The worst part is that such practices leave them buck(ed) up with a disgusting elation of achieving their goal.

Royalty is symbolic to assume a protective stance by ensuring safety of ALL living beings. It is sad to realize the irony that such nobility is not extended to thoughtful gestures of safeguarding the rights of animals/birds.

Should such living souls pay their price for being voiceless and unable to protest like humans?

Shameful acts like these call for a staunch ban by the concerned authorities followed by a grave punishment meted out to the offenders. It is fortunate for many animal activists that the law has been taking such imprudent behaviour into serious consideration. Appropriate punishment has been awarded to make those found guilty realize their beastly folly.

Even the high profile personalities aren’t spared. The current verdict of a rather “deer” Khan has indeed sent tremors to others falling under the ‘poachers’ category. This will not only instill fear but also indirectly contribute to the longevity of these species allowing them to grace their exit by nature’s law. This will save them the torture of unnecessarily being targets of man’s fiery bullets.

It should prevent such barbarous acts to a large extent in the near future which is shockingly exhibited to prove supremacy of man over animals. Especially when such creatures do not cross our paths or indulge in any kind of harm to us humans. One can hope to hear less of such merciless preying on the fauna species in the near future.

After all it doesn’t allow anybody to feel bucked about the black out of such de(a)er creatures, does it?

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