Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Heyy Baby: Baby’s movie out and out

-By Swetha Amit
Sometimes a return to innocence can shoulder us with immense responsibilities which tend to make us laugh or cry in exasperation.

Sajid Nadiadwala’s Heyy Baby is one such film which sails us through a whirlwind of emotions of three men along with an adorable baby and a strange twist.

The movie, set in Sydney, starts with the peppy number of the title track. This instantly portrays the flamboyant and flirtatious stance of the three men Aroush (Akshay Kumar), Al (Fardeen Khan) and Tanmay (Riteish Deshmukh), shaking a leg literally with blossoming beauties in a happening night club. The Casanova trio enjoy their carefree bachelor lifestyles of wooing and charming women. Little do they realize that a charming minute form would cause them woes in the near future!

The triple shock syndrome stuns them as an angelic faced baby lands up at their door step one day. Desperate measures to trace her mother go in vain. In the meantime, their attempts to handle a wailing baby prove to be time consuming, taking a toll on their patience and tolerance levels eventually. Unable to bear this any longer, instigates the threesome to get rid of the infant.

However an unexpected turn of events invokes their conscience as they realize their abhorrent folly. This sudden stirring episode changes their lives along with their feelings towards the baby. She returns into their lives like an ‘angel’ which makes them to name her the same. Bringing in abundant joy causes an inseparable bond between them as they realize the importance of parenting gradually along with a few more things.

But a rude shock in the form of Angel’s mother Isha (Vidya Balan) creates dismay as she takes away the baby. Things go on to a higher level from thereon revealing certain instances with a quick flashback. With the ‘best laid plans’ scheme accompanied with a fast paced laugh riot and emotional scenes, the three go all out to claim Angel along with the love of one of their lives with the help of Isha’s father (Boman Irani).

Heyy Baby is funny and emotional. Though a little slow in some parts, it manages to pick up pace immediately and is well directed by Sajid Khan in the plush locales of Sydney. Music by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy is average with the exception of the title track. The performances are spectacular.

Akshay Kumar is mind blowing as he manages to leave the audience in splits with his hilarious antics and at the same time go moist eyed in his sentimental sequences. Fardeen Khan is very good with his comic timing and manages to stand out in some scenes; especially as the disguised professor with his heavy usage of Sanskrit. Riteish Deshmukh is at complete ease and delights the viewers with his funny expressions and moves. Vidya Balan is excellent and convincing in the confrontation scenes. Boman Irani plays his part well. But the obvious show stealer is the lovable baby which manages to melt million hearts with its cute smile. The element of surprise is welcomed pleasantly in a particular song sequence.

The film provides both comic relief as well as a meaningful and touching angle to it. It portrays the essentials of parenting to a large extent. It emphasizes on the consequence of reckless behaviour which can result in the loss of life of a faultless little innocent thing. The scene where the baby is left in the cold with pelting rain on Christmas eve can make hearts bleed as it make one wonder the penalty it has to pay for no wrong doing on its part. The change of attitude among the three after this instance is moving as they are blessed with new found lives along with that of the baby’s.

This indirectly teaches one to prepare for parenthood before going down the family lane. A baby is in need of continuous care and attention which depicts that it’s certainly no piece of cake. It does not deserve to suffer from any kind of turmoil due to the unplanned and unprotected moves by adults. It could bring about turmoil and guilt in them.

However by crossing these hurdles and gearing up for rearing a child can be the most beautiful thing ever. It portrays the exhilarating feeling one undergoes on holding the tiny being in the protective warmth of your arms and watching it grow; which is altogether a wonderful experience otherwise.

Overall the film is a good entertainer for all age groups and its bound to make its viewers say “Heyy Baby!! You’re definitely an ‘Angel’!!!”
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