Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Witch of Portobello:Bewitched

-By Swetha Amit
Paulo Coelho of 'The Alchemist' fame has come up with yet another intriguing novel namely 'The witch of Portobello' which is on its way to become another best seller.

It’s about a woman who lived in the 21st century yet her forward looking thoughts belonged to that of the 22nd century. Many people she encountered portrayed her to be unconventional, mysterious and interesting. Athena or Sherine as she was called was that and much more.

Her illusionary ways of regenerating oneself is indeed mezmerising.Whether it was creating a newfound enthusiasm level amongst bank employees much to the managers amazement, it certainly propelled one to definitely not ignore this enigmatic lady. She dared to do what no one else would have ever done in the wildest of their imaginations. The dance therapy which elated these individuals popularized itself as a group therapy technique.

She led others into a transcendental experience enabling the discovery of an unknown energy that we all possess yet choose to suppress it. Many were charmed by her enigmatic stance while others delved in hatred for her. However her novel methods stirred many souls to bring out this 'unknown energy'. Tapping their own souls by concentrating on their inner most selves led to novel discoveries and a new found tranquility.

This awareness is immersed in our subconscious self yet there remains an apprehensive stance by us to not promote this to our conscious levels. There are always two ways to doing things. One which is the most sought after conventional method. The other one portrays the unconventional pathway traveled by very few. Yet it works wonders for millions who choose the latter option.

Letting go of inhibitions and focusing on our core selves will lead to a new discovery of enjoyment which will make us relive our youth filled with joyous moments. Its a pity how one is forced to comply with the regular monotonous ways of doing things for the fear of being known as 'different'. Our courage often fails to take over us even if our thoughts are straying in this direction.

This book dares to differ from the rest and enables this charming discovery. This will indeed transform us to encounter the new purpose of existence.
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Anonymous Anonymous said... becomes difficult if there is 'one person' who starts thinking ahead of his/her times...

Ppl who are inventors are never believed...and many fail..

sometimes u have to pay to believe in things ahead of ur times!

- Amit

3:23 AM  
Blogger Whirlwind said...

Well they say...everything comes at a cost.While we dare to be certainly sets us apart in more than one way.We are either looked at with awe or we are looked upon.Most of the time it ends up being the case of the latter.

Due to this many suppress themselves from thinking beyond their realm of capacity.If only such inhibitions are shed,will our society progress faster than it is at present.

6:11 AM  

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