Monday, July 23, 2007

Partner:A hitched partnership

-By Swetha Amit

There are some films which cruise you through reality leaving you with a heavy feeling. There are a few meaningful ones with a strong message. And there are others which have no logic yet manage to tickle your funny bone to the core.

Partner falls in the last category. It propels you to leave your brains behind and prepare yourself for an edge of the seat entertainer, providing comic relief for a good three hours. Supposedly inspired from the Hollywood flick Hitch, the film takes you through a series of laugh riot sessions.

Prem (Salman Khan) a very apt name for the popular love Guru as he is known in the film manages to play the human cupid to perfection. Being the most sought after by all provides him an encounter with the nerdy bespectacled Bhaskar (Govinda).The latter expresses his crazy- in- love state over the suave and wealthy Priya (Katrina Kaif) who is his boss and the only daughter of a millionaire.

Prem at first refuses with a few scornful remarks about Bhaskar stating it as an impossible task. However the latter's persistence is enough to follow Prem all the way to Phuket. After a few heated exchanges, Prem finally relents and from there on begins a new agreement on the unspoken partnership.

The lessons of love start. Whether it is his hilarious antics in a boardroom meeting, or his unique style of dancing much to Prem’s despair, Bhaskar manages to win the amused Priya’s heart slowly with his uncanny simplicity and sincerity.

Meanwhile our very own Love Guru is found wooing Naina (Lara Dutta) a journalist who goes to any extreme to get a scoop for her newspaper. Several twists and complications occur. Yet alls well that ends well till the very last scene which leave the audience in splits.

A typical David Dhawan film which is a complete entertainer. Like before, the Govinda –Dhawan team has not failed to recreate the magic this time.Salman and Govinda share a terrific onscreen chemistry with their perfect comic timing that leaves ones sides aching with laughter. Katrina and Lara look gorgeous. Music by Sajid-Wajid is pretty good and Partner provides some foot-tapping numbers. The title track, "you’re my love;" etc is already found haunting most night clubs. Choreography is good and is provided with an overall vibrant effect.

Many may find Partner illogical and baseless. However as mentioned earlier, one needs to leave their cognitive aspects far behind and enjoy the film just the way it’s presented.

The famous saying goes” Laughter is the best medicine”. With the present erratic stress filled lifestyles one definitely needs films like Partner once in a while to unwind oneself for a change. This is a movie which you can even enjoy alone as you are guaranteed with a partner on screen. Though there are several hitches, this is one partnership which leaves you in high spirits. So do you wanna partner? Go watch the film.

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