Monday, July 30, 2007

Lage raho birthday bhai

-By Swetha Amit
Yesterday (July 29th) was the birthday of our very own Munnabhai of Bollywood-Sanjay Dutt.

He had a ‘Rocky’(ing) start to his career which achieved him ‘Naam’ and fame. The journey in Bollywood has indeed been a roller coaster ride for this musafir which exhibited several ‘Kaante’ in his ‘Sadak’ to success. He is one of the few actors whose contrast image of being both a ‘Saajan’ and ‘Khal Nayak’ won him the hearts of millions. This was enough to put the masses on a ‘Daud’ behind him. However his extensive popularity has managed to keep him grounded to ‘Vaastav: The reality’ which explains his admirable humility.

His passion filled performances set the screen on fire keeping him ‘Zinda’ in several minds. He emerged truly as a hero who introduced the ‘Jaadu ki chappi’ therapy bringing smiles on the faces of even the most disgruntled. This novel method made many realize its significance from this ‘Munnabhai (a most sought after doctor without the official degree of) M.B.B.S.’

The man managed to revive the almost forgotten Bapu-M.K.Gandhi in our minds with his hilarious sequel. This propelled his well deserved title of ‘Lage raho munnabhai’ as this film’s runaway success ensured the lage raho stature of the father of the nation in our memories.

So here’s wishing this star a very Happy belated Birthday. And we hope to see more of him on screen for a minimum of at least ‘Dus’ years in the film industry.
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