Monday, June 18, 2007

Sivaji: Truly the boss of the box office

-By Swetha Amit
The most awaited release of the year has gotten tremendous response from the ecstatic audiences.

This film directed by Shankar of ‘Boys’ and ‘Anniyan’ fame has brought out the heartthrob in an entirely different light.

Sivaji (Rajnikanth) is a US return with ambitious aspirations of making a difference to the lives of the poor and needy. He is met with a vehement opposition from the villain (Adhiseshan) who tries to stop Sivaji’s dream project in every possible way. He goes as far as to change the government overnight and imprisoning the latter. However Sivaji manages to battle these unforeseen human obstacles in his true superstar style only to emerge as a winner in the end.

The story is punched with some laugh riot scenes in between provided by Vivek. Not to forget, a romantic angle by Shriya Saran who plays a conservative sales girl in a musical store.Persistantly wooed by Sivaji, she finally relents to his irresistible charm and accepts his proposal.

Rajnikanth has done a fantastic job and he looks fitter as ever with his novel look making him look at least 20 years younger. The fight and dance sequences drive the crowd crazy with joy. His aura and style oozes on screen whether it’s the flicking of the chewing gum or the one rupee coin, making the audience hoot and cheer uncontrollably.

Shriya Saran looks fresh and manages to appear convincing as she oscillates between a conservative girl with braided hair and portraying a stylish demeanor in her western wear. The rest of the cast play their part to perfection.

A.R. Rahman does a good musical score and the song sequences are well shot. The costumes are trendy and appealing with due credit to Manish Malhotra. The ‘style’ song proves to be the best with its vibrant outfits and adventurous hairdos. Rajni manages to carry off his trendy hairstyles with complete ease especially his raging bald look in the end drawing similarities to an urban metro sexual. The power punch dialogues continue to echo in the ears of the audience. “Cooollll” isn’t it?

Though a little long, it’s a well directed film. It’s a thorough entertainer with a subtle social message depicting concern for the welfare of the poverty stricken population.

The movie does not fail to attract the swarming crowds like bees to honey. The adulation for the legendary superstar is indeed unmistakable even in a city like Mumbai. It has gotten rave reviews and already managed to break the record of the box office collections with the cash registers ringing in incessantly.

Running to packed houses, it provides a real delight especially to all Rajni fans. At this rate Sivaji is proving to be truly the boss of the box office.

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Anonymous Zilan said...

Awesome movie swe.rocking.

4:35 AM  
Blogger Whirlwind said...

Its coooooooool zilu.;)

12:32 PM  

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