Friday, April 06, 2007

Shakalaka boom boom: A musical trip in doom

-By Swetha Amit

Music is usually associated with fun, joy and merriment. However it also has a dark side to it. Shakalaka boom boom depicts a story which may not sound musical to the ears.

The film is about two competitive and ambitious singers set against the backdrop of the music industry.

AJ (Bobby Deol) is the most popular singer in New York who has 5 consecutive successful albums to his credit. His shrewdness and suavity in the business are factors that contribute to his success as well. He strives to be at the top which is achieved with his perseverance over the years.

Enter Reggie (Upen Patel) who is an upcoming singer with a stroke of a genius. He yearns to be what AJ is. Ruhi (Kangana Ranaut) is another aspiring singer whom AJ falls in love with. Though Ruhi respects and is in awe of AJ, she ends up falling for Reggie after the prolonged pursuing by the latter. He manages to get an introductory meeting with a well known producing company through Sheena (Celina Jeitley) whom he uses professionally only to discard her later much to her dismay. Sheena is shattered and nurtures a grudge against Reggie.

A dangerous game begins as AJ realizes the unmistakable talent in Reggie which he foresees as a threat to his position. Jealousy and insecurity gradually creeps into AJ until it touches the brim of obsessive degree. Manipulation begins to rule AJ’s mind that refuses to pay heed to anything including his Guru’s (Govind Namdev) word of advice.

Treacherous scheming along with revenge thirsty and grudged Sheena slowly leads to the destruction of Reggie from the singing world. Pretending to be the latter’s friend AJ manages to win his confidence only to backstab him later.

However just as AJ enjoys his new album’s success, he is struck by a tragedy that ends up being a reprimanding lesson to him for his misdeeds.

Bobby Deol and Upen Patel are decent in the confrontation scenes. Kangana Ranaut has opted for a new look and plays her part well. Celina manages her negative shades in her role. Suneel Darshan attempts a different storyline altogether compared to his earlier works. Music composed by Himesh Reshammiya is average with one or two catchy numbers.

The film portrays the complexity of emotions engulfed in the minds of the two ambitious men. Greed, jealousy, insecurity and anger are dangerous to the human mind if occurred in degrees of extreme severity. It teaches one not to fall prey to these evils as it results in ones self destruction in the long run. Such malice brings out the vile nature of humans propelling us in the wrong direction to harm others. The consequences of such acts make us the sufferers later. Before we allow these little demons to engulf us, why not put an end to even small spurts of its growth in the initial stages itself? In other words, such devils are bound to make life go in doom instead of being a pleasant musical journey.

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