Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Kiss and Aid(s)

-By Swetha Amit
It’s a pity how celebrities tend to hog the limelight for the wrong reasons even during the promotion of sensitive issues like AIDS awareness. The Richard Gere-Shilpa Shetty incident is one such case .

Richard Gere’s unexpected peck has apparently ‘pecked’ the minds of many Indians, who were appalled by his ‘non-Indian’ act. The leggy beauty was taken aback by his gesture. However her repeated claims of being unaffected by the Hollywood Star’s act have fallen on deaf ears. Their enragement and unmistakable disapproval have resulted in continuous protests to the extent of burning effigies.

A vexed Shilpa has expressed her displeasure by her statement of the media blowing the trivial issue out of proportion. Even the repeated apologies of the gracious actor for unknowingly hurting the ‘Indian sentiments’ have chosen to be ignored.

Public displays of affection are still not accepted in our seemingly ‘conservative’ society. It is viewed as violating our culture and traditions. However when we still are willing to accept premarital sex, live-in relationships and infidelity prevailing in our society a kiss can be overlooked upon isn’t it? If such sexual overtones are frowned upon with such staunchness, where are these protests when several acts of rape are reported in the news? A case of selective storming? Or does it depict the hibernation of such souls during those cold brutal acts?

However, a new twist can be thought of to this episode. An illuminating reasoning could propel many to rationalize calmly without wrecking their nerves.

Perhaps, the distinguished Hollywood actor chose to resort to the unconventional method of how to unlearn something. AIDS is caused due to any unprotected physical act ,losing self control and giving way to instincts The ignorance of this has in turn precipitated millions to fall prey to this deadly disease.

There lies a possibility in Richard Gere displaying an ‘overstepping the boundaries’ act which can lead to dire consequences. Teaching people what not to do is also one method of making individuals to learn something.

The actor who is known to be passionate about AIDS awareness campaigns has indeed taken a different stance to convey this intense message. It’s a sad plight to realize people can turn a blind eye to the main theme. Perhaps the star presence made them ignore the main propaganda.

This ‘Kiss and Aid’ technique which ideally should have aided people in the right direction and applauded has instead been condemned with vehement gestures.

It makes one gape in amazement at the population contradicting themselves or defining acts that fall into the ‘Indian’ category. Its indeed surprising considering the number of couples that have been spotted locking lips either on the dance floors or coffee shops,parks, beaches and other public places. So are all these acceptable? It appears that confusion and indecisiveness has formed a mist clouding the conscience of ‘Indians’. In order to promote social causes, one needs to concentrate on the crux of the issue and not just the surface.

Instead of focusing on a serious problem prevailing and rapidly spreading in our country, one sadly chooses not to the ‘miss’ the ‘kiss’.
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