Friday, April 20, 2007

Akshaya Tritiya

It’s no mystery of today being a 'special' day for more than one reason. All the news channels and headlines of leading newspapers are splashed with the news of the big fat Indian wedding.
The junior B has managed to win a million hearts and have the world bow before his feet (on a literal basis). After much speculation of their wedding date, April 20, 2007 had been chosen as the D day for Ash to be accepted as the Bachchan Bahu.

This day marks the auspiciousness of Akshaya thithi.A day revered by most Indians especially for weddings. This day embarks the purchase of gold in abundance. It requires a golden heart to also indulge in donation which ultimately bestows a dazzling smile on the Almighty, giving the heavens a scintillating effect.

The biggest donation is attributed to a father humbly giving away his lotus eyed daughter to her husband and begins a new journey in life. The specialty of this day lies in the fact that one needn’t keep track of that 'auspicious time' at all. Every minute and second is spelt with the world reverence. They say marriages are made in heaven. Of course weddings taking place on Akshaya thithi denotes the descending of the divine on earth to bless any couple. It causes the stars to shine down.Abhi-Ash are indeed lucky to have found this date to 'tie the knot' and to be blessed with eternal bliss.

A certain coincidence can be traced back to not so far ago. Reminiscence can help one recollect the same day (Akshay thithi), diff date: April 30, is when Amit and I entered this sacred institution. So I wonder if that makes us stars.:)

A lot of speculation was being made about our wedding date. First to Feb. 2nd and miraculously to April 30th.This was despite being met with a certain resistance by a few and being reminded of it of coinciding with other events on a continuous basis.

A lot of wishes are sent to the starry couple hoping that a reel Abhimaan doesn't convert into a real one. Anyways, it gives me immense 'Abhimaan' to thank my dad and mom for giving away their one and only apple of their eye to a wonderful husband like Amit. I am lucky enough to have many people grace this occasion in spite of other people's prior' family commitments’.

It is believed to be a fact of God's grace to be one among the lucky few. And I'm proud to chosen as one of them. It gives me more reason to feel that Amit and I are certainly God's favorite children. They say man proposes God disposes. But in this case, it seemed like God's own proposal with no other hurdles or family thithi's on that particular day.



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