Saturday, March 03, 2007

Rang Barse

-By Swetha Amit
It is violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red, everywhere. It appears that the rainbow has descended down to earth casting away the black and white streaks of winter. Amidst these vibrant shades, it leaves no room for one to feel the grey tinge of gloom.

It is springing of the much awaited Holi festival that has embarked the feelings of joy among people. The zest with which this ritual is celebrated can bring a smile even among the most gruntled.The popularity of this event gives an opportunity for people of almost all age groups to combat stress which results in a child’s play on a literal basis. It takes away the feeling of being ‘old’ for at least a day. Bringing out their child like spirit, while splashing colors on each other, marks the maxima of enjoyment.

This eliminates the false frills and fancies attached to life. It is devoid of being conscious of their appearance. It doesn’t matter if the hair is out of place or a spot on a cheek is visible on this particular day. As the whole nation portrays a ‘blush’ on their faces and color their tangled hair temporarily. Differences are drowned in the pool of the colors as a giggle is heard, and peals of laughter resound with every splash.

In the midst of all this rejoicing, one needs to look into the mythological significance of its celebration. It said believed that Hiranyakashyap who dreaded his son's worship of Lord Vishnu asked his sister ‘Holika’ to enter the fierce fire with Prahlad in her arms; as she had acquired the boon to remain unscathed in fire. But however powerful the boon, it is the righteousness that triumphs and the latter was saved by his devotion while ‘Holika’ met her end. This enforces the tradition of ‘Holika Dahan’ and even today a huge fire is lit, the night before, symbolizing the destruction of malice by the powerful fire. Another legend is that of the pranks played by Krishna by applying colors on Radha and other Gopis which is continued as a trend. Whatever the reasons, the festival is celebrated with great gusto all over the country.

Popular Bollywood Holi songs are played everywhere, making individuals sway to the foot tapping numbers. Filmmakers have brought out the vivid charm of this festival in their own creative way. Visits to families and friends are accompanied with relishing mouth watering sweets and savories. The famous Holi drink-Bhang thandai is gulped down in plenty as well.

The cultural significance of victory over evil helps in strengthening ties between people across the subcontinent. Letting go of hard feelings, Holi symbolizes the beginning of a new era in the journey of life and establishing a rapport. It is an appropriate time to spread brotherhood amongst millions that enables to get rid of hatred and animosity. It lightens up our minds that eradicate darkness of our minds, existing in the form of EGO. Embracing one another exudes warmth and color.

This is a day which helps our human bodies to revitalize from the monotony of routine lifestyles. It enables one to let down their hair and seek laughter from the simplicity of things. One can otherwise never imagine playing with water balloons and kids on any other day. Office pressures, family affairs and other stress-filled factors of life, hardly leaves us time to even smile or relax for a second. Therefore let this day permit us to return to innocence and develop a selective amnesia. We deserve to be devoid of problems and issues at least for this day. It’s time that we gain colorful insight into the world, instead of viewing it as a pure blackout.

Wishing all a very Happy Holi!!!!!!!
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