Thursday, November 30, 2006

Roar of the Bengal Tiger

It is time for India to celebrate and cheer valiantly.Back into the Indian squad test team are none another than our own aggressive Bengal tiger.....Sourav Ganguly and the new vice captain of the SA squad...VVS Laxman.

Everybody knows that the Indian team seems to be crumbling. It’s an irony in spite of having a wall like captain. Can such a wall let its children fall apart?

The recent performance of the men in blue has raised several voices of the critics demanding a change in the batting order. The morale and spirit with which the team has been playing has certainly made the saffron, white and green heads bow in shame, in turn bringing the wheel in between to a halt.

The recent South African tour has embarked the most pathetic form of the squad which has precipitated the selectors to finally take action to save the sinking ship from further drown. A buoy in the form of Dada with a never say die attitude, the most successful captain India’s had so far., the skipper who brought the Indian team to the world cup finals in the 2003 , has certainly made his mark which has left imprints on the mass.

It is a shame to see the way such a captain was treated and removed due to certain petty politics.Ranatunga says” How can such a good player be kept out of the team? There can be petty issues within the side, but the country comes first and all these petty things are immaterial."Couldnt help agreeing with the former Srilankan captain. Sourav was removed due to his lack of performance and not being in form. But there are certain ways of handling issues and not the way India’s successful captain was dealt with. The current players are not in form either, but they aren’t subjected to the shabby treatment, dada was given.

However its sunny days again and a reason for us Indians to see a ray of hope. It’s also time for Greg Chappell to set aside his ego and arrogance to welcome back Sourav into the team.Ganguly and Laxman are experienced players and a mantra of experience is what is needed to spice up Indian cricket. He knows the Indian team well and knows the right tactic to motivate them. The morale boost of the team is most certainly needed, especially with the World cup around the corner.

Lets all hope that Laxman and Sourav turn tables by succumbing to the pressure and expectations, and bounce back into the ODI team. Wishing them success of a great innings, that will make our heads rise with pride and shout "OO AA India."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

somehow i doubt that there'll be much to cheer about by the time this is over, dont you ? ;) oh well, we can always hope for a miracle

8:17 AM  
Blogger Whirlwind said...

Yup miracle is what the Indian team at present needs.A big one that too.So any trial and error effort that is taken to bring about this revolution is necessary at this juncture.Otherwise we can just kiss the worldcup goodbye.

8:23 AM  

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