Saturday, November 25, 2006

Dhoom machale Doom

Sequels don't work and Dhoom-2 unlike its other part-2 counterparts proves this theory.

This Yashraj films blockbuster started with a coke ad, portraying a Hrithik jigging to the title track. The television media yet again generated its usual hype, making the expectations of the audience soar high.

Film starts with the robbery of the Queens crown from a train running in the middle of a vast droughstricken desert.Hrithik makes his entry as he swoops down on his parachute like an Eagle gliding down to catch its unguarded prey. Making his mark is the master of disguises, unseen, smart and sexy Mr. A. Several of his acts abroad leave the police force spellbound. Expertise analysis discover his next destination to be the maximum city and the cops maximize their actions to unmask this stranger.Enter, Aby baby as the no-nonsense Jai Dixit, with his half broken English speaking, mummys darling humorous sub inspector Ali played by Uday Chopra.A new member to this duo is introduced in the form of the hot and smart Bipasha Basu, who looks stunning.

They try and hunt down this lurking criminal who goes as far as stealing a sword from an ancient fort. An entry of Suneri (Aishwariya Rai) who’s a petty thief is appointed by Jai to try and nab Mr.A.Miss A meets Mr. A and continuous persistence of the former, manages to win the latter’s trust who reveals his true self and name as Aryan. It’s a mark of a hefty partnership from there on.

A cat and mouse game begins from Mumbai to the sandy beaches of Brazil to nab Aryan. Indeed love is in the air as cupid strikes Uday Chopra with a localite named Monali(Bipasha in a double role) who’s in charge of their stay. While Ali is seen romancing his new found love, Jai is on a trail with Suneri to tap on Aryans whereabouts. Love hits Suneri too as she exhibits her deceit to Inspector Jai.She strikes a different kind of partnership as well with Aryan and put the cops on a wild goose chase. In the end, it seemed that the hard and no nonsensical heart of Jai dixit is actually melted by seeing such deep love between the two As.Doesnt make any sense.

Story is seen with a lot of loopholes and the climax seems rather disappointing and unconvincing. A drastic different from its first part where the story is gripping on the audience. It seemed that the director didn’t know in which direction to take the film and the plot sure doesn’t say a lot. Songs are not catchy and are introduced at irrelevant times.Abhishek Bachchan underplays his role compared to the first part.Bipasha though looks good is wasted in a double role for her underdeveloped character.Uday chopra contributes in his comic style but it gets monotonous after a point.Aishwariya Rai who has lost a lot of weight to fit in this role, is average.The only positive aspect of this movie is Hrithik who clearly shines and stands out. Apparently a lot of effort is taken on him as he’s seen in various masterpiece disguises and stunts. Excellent action sequences by him and clearly steals the show from his costars.

One can watch this film for Hrithik Roshan who is sure to win another millions of hearts as the sexy Aryan. Otherwise this film doesn’t meet the hype generated and certainly not the expectations and this could make one go in DOOM.



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